hey, I'm Daniel Cerverizzo 👋

I am a seasoned Software Development Engineer with an extensive background spanning over 8 years in crafting compelling user interfaces and elevating web applications. Presently, I serve as a Software Development Engineer at    specializing in the meticulous construction of UX/UI components using technologies such as JavascriptCSS3 PHPAnd boasting proficiency and hands-on experience in frameworks likeReact Typescript Ruby 

Man speaking on stage at Rotary conference
Me standing with the SistemasBR team
Me speaking about Front End World
Me and the Didactica tech team
Me and Cobre Facil team celebrating new goals
Me standing on graduation day in college

Throughout my career, I have excelled in designing user-centric features for web applications, collaborating seamlessly with design teams, and contributing significantly to support functions by enhancing communication. In the early stages of my career, I honed my problem-solving acumen while serving as a Junior, and since then, I have consistently prioritized and delivered effective solutions

My rich professional journey includes not only technical contributions but also the privilege of presenting at prominent tech community events. These engagements have allowed me to advocate for advancements in technology and share valuable insights within the dynamic realm of Front End development. Leveraging my adept public speaking skills, I effectively communicate with clients, superiors, and fellow technology enthusiasts, further solidifying my position as a seasoned and accomplished Software Development Engineer.